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Blog Posts by Tracey Holmes

Super Bowl Showdown

As the Broncos and Panthers meet Sunday in Super Bowl 50, two communities stand behind them. Support kids and we call come out as champs!

Highlights From the 2012-13 Football Season

Throughout the year, football players in partnership with local United Ways from all around the United States have done some amazing things and have lived their mission. That mission is to cut the number of high school dropouts in the United States by 50%.


Just this week, United Way was chosen by Forbes magazine as an “All-Star Charity.” It’s a distinction only held by five nonprofits and we wear it proudly. However, we share the accolade with our “All-Star” partners and the millions of volunteers who over the past 125 years have worked with us to strengthen communities and improve peoples’ lives.

Everyone Needs a 12th Man

In Seattle's Century Link Stadium, the number 12 is retired. The number 12 is sewn into the collar of every player's jersey. It's built into the team's core mission. And at every Seahawks game, a flag rises in honor of number 12.